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A Message Regarding the Redistribution of Federal Electoral Districts:

The Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for Alberta begins its review of the province’s federal electoral districts following the 2021 decennial census. The Commission is composed of three members: the Honourable Justice Bruce McDonald, Chair, and two other members, Donald Barry of Calgary and Donna Wilson of Edmonton.

The Alberta Commission will use the 2021 Census population counts, made available by the Chief Statistician of Canada on February 9, 2022, to revise the boundaries of the province’s 37 federal electoral districts. This number includes the three new districts that have been added to Alberta. The Commission will draft its redistribution proposal, expected in a few months, to reflect growth and shifts in the population – balanced by consideration of communities of interest- since the last decennial census in 2011.

The proposal will then undergo a broad public consultation process during which the Commission plans to travel across Alberta to hear from those who wish to express their views. 

To involve the public as soon as possible in the process of readjusting the electoral map, the Commission invites anyone who wants to submit comments and suggestions for it to consider in preparing its proposal to do so by mail or email no later than June 30, 2022.

By mail:
Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for Alberta,
PO Box 45062
Calgary, AB T2G 4X3

by email:

The Commission thanks everyone in advance for their interest in its work. To learn more about the current redistribution process