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Budget 2023 – The Liberal War on Work

Today, the Liberal Government tabled the 2023 Budget, and we are seeing more of the same. More inflation-fueling spending announcements, more marketing and sloganeering, with few results achieved for Canadians.

8 years of this government and gas, grocery, and housing prices have more than doubled. But this government continues to insist on running deficits, further increasing inflation, and raising taxes on Canadians. This year’s budget deficit will sit at over $43 billion. That’s over $4,200 per family.

On April 1, the carbon tax is going up again. Doing little to slow emissions, the carbon tax has only increased the burden Canadian families are carrying – be it parents driving to work to put food on the table or taking their kids to soccer practice. The carbon tax raises the price of everything – and no one stands to benefit but the government. Canada’s Food Price Report 2023 predicts that a family of 4 will spend up to $1,065 more on food alone this year, totaling more than $16,000 – and the carbon tax makes that price go even higher. The Parliamentary Budget Officer shows the carbon tax will cost the average family between $402 and $847 in 2023, even after the so-called “rebates.” The ripple effect of the carbon tax seeps into everything Canadian families pay for.

The Minister of Finance claims this budget is exercising “fiscal restraint” – despite the fact the deficit is running $10 billion higher than projected just a few months ago, with no plans of returning to a balanced budget – ever. Canada’s federal debt for the 2023-24 fiscal year is projected to reach $1.22 trillion. That is nearly $81,000 per household in Canada. The cost of servicing Canada’s enormous debt continues to grow. The cost to service Canada’s debt this year (2023-2024) is projected to be $43.9 billion. This is nearly double the costs in 2021-2022, when debt servicing costs were $24.5 billion.

Canadians need a responsible government to lower the cost of living, lower taxes and keep more money in your pocket. The money you work for is yours – it’s not for the government to decide where your money goes.

A Conservative government will scrap the carbon tax. We will lower taxes, and make hard work pay off once again. We will end unnecessary deficit spending so as not to drive up inflation and interest rates. We will end the war on work, letting workers bring home more of that they earn.

Canadian families can’t run deficits; they must budget their spending within their means. We think government should do the same. What do you think?

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Martin Shields

MP Bow River