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Health Canada Comes To Its Senses About Ground Beef and Pork Labeling

See my statement regarding Health Canada’s decision to exempt ground beef and pork from front-of-package labeling below:

“I am pleased Health Canada came to its senses and listened to concerned Canadians regarding the introduction of front-of-package labeling for single ingredient whole foods like ground beef and pork. These ground meat products are part of Canadians’ everyday diet and an important source of protein and iron among other nutrients. This warning label could have been perceived as ground meat being unhealthier compared to whole cuts. It also would have added additional costs to consumers at a time when the cost of living is already sky high. Canadians can rest assured knowing the ground meat products they are purchasing are home-grown, healthy, and the highest quality in the world.

I’d like to congratulate my Conservative colleagues on our steadfast work on this issue. Our daily pressure, questions, and evidence-based reasoning turned a positive result for all Canadians.

Now let’s eat some burgers just in time for Canada Day.”

Martin Shields, MP

Bow River