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New Year, New House of Commons Session

Happy New Year Bow River

The Calendar has turned over to 2023. A New Year brings a rejuvenated spirit, and a drive for many to reach goals that have been set for themselves.

With the House of Commons returning on January 30th, Conservatives are ready to get back to work and fight for the interests of all Canadians. It remains to be seen what the NDP-Liberal government’s legislative agenda will consist of, but if I were to venture a guess it would include more wasteful inflationary spending, creating new government programs, and a lot of ‘umms’ and ‘uhhs’ from our Prime Minister.

One thing is for certain: I, along with my Conservative colleagues are laser focused on doing everything we can to fight for Canadians in lowering the cost of living, taming this government-fueled inflation crisis, and pressuring the government to not increase any taxes or introduce new ones for Canadians. But Justin Trudeau thinks otherwise.

On January 1st, payroll taxes were increased. On April 1st, the Carbon tax will go up, and a new clean fuel standard (or second carbon tax) is expected to be implemented. April 1st will also see an increase on the alcohol escalator tax by over 6% as it is tied with inflation.

Conservatives will continue to push for responsible government. Canadian families use budgets to manage their income, see which areas need to be saved, or which areas can use some more funding. Canadian families cannot afford to run deficits. That’s why we as Conservatives believe the government should treat your money with the same careful consideration as you do.

When elected, Conservatives will implement a pay-as-you-go system which will mandate government departments to find a dollar of saving for each dollar spent – because we believe your tax dollars are important, and shouldn’t be frivolously doled out in the form of blank cheques to Liberal insiders or consulting firms.

I am excited to begin this legislative cycle fighting for your interests.

Martin Shields,

MP Bow River