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Martin Shields introduces Motion to recognize environmental stewardship of ranchers and farmers across Canada 

May 29, 2017

Ottawa, ON –Today, Martin Shields, Member of Parliament for Bow River, introduced a Private Members’ Motion, M-108 Contribution of Ranchers and Farmers, in the House of Commons. M-108 recognizes the ranchers and farmers across Canada who are environmentalists and conservationists on their own private land.

“I am very excited to sponsor this Motion M-108 in the House of Commons. We as Canada’s elected officials must recognize the hard work that ranchers and farmers do on a daily basis to ensure that their land is protected. They also have a vested interest in conservation.” said M.P. Shields.

Facts to consider:

  • M-108 speaks to the very heart of the philosophy of our ranchers and farmers. Our ranchers and farmers in Canada are environmental innovators
  • No-till practices as well as efficient use of fuels and chemicals are common
  • In today’s advanced agricultural world, Canada’s ranchers and farmers are at the forefront of environmental stewardship
  • Ranchers and farmers are reducing the impact of their footprint while still delivering high quality, nutritious food to Canada and the world
  • They do all this while increasing production

“In the weeks to come, I will be seeking the support of all parties in the House of Commons so we can get M-108 passed successfully. I hope that if passed, our hard working ranch and farm families will get the recognition they deserve for being environmentalists and conservationists” said M.P. Shields. 

Motion M-108 as presented in the House of Commons

 “That, in the opinion of the House, the government should recognize that the ongoing contribution of ranchers and farmers as stewards of the land and conservationists is part of our history, proudly shared by all Canadians, and should consider establishing policies which would support and encourage the development of private farm and ranch land conservation and restoration projects.”

Today, Canadians place a major value on environmental protection and conservation issues. What many don’t realize, is that ranchers and farmers play a pivotal role in protecting the environment and in conservation.

Here are some facts for your consideration:

  • Ranchers and farmers are increasing production while reducing the impact of their footprint 
  • They deliver high quality, nutritious food for Canadian families and export markets
  • We as federal legislators should recognize the commitment of ranchers and farmers in Canada to the environment
  • M-108 would recognize that ranchers and farmers prioritize environment and conservation
  • This Motion will  have broad appeal, to the rancher, to the woodlot steward, the farmer, and all in the conservation sector

M-108 also encourages the government to support ranchers and farmers as they develop and implement conservation and restoration projects.

I ask for your support of M-108.

Please use the #M108 hashtag as much as possible in order to generate social media coverage for this motion and our Canadian ranch and farm families.

Should you have any questions about M-108, do not hesitate to contact my Ottawa office at 613-992-0761 or