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Remembrance Day 2022

Remembrance Day is a time of reflection and gratitude, taking time to remember those that paid the ultimate sacrifice in the fight for our freedom.

Throughout our country’s history, Canada has fought valiantly against those who wish to see our freedoms eliminated and way of life destroyed.

For decades, people from all over the world have looked to Canada as a bastion of hope and freedom, where one can learn and grow, build a family, a home, and a life.

We often ponder what the word ‘freedom’ truly means. The word means something different to everyone. To some, it’s the freedom to believe in a god they choose. To others, it’s the freedom to express themselves without fear of being persecuted. It’s the freedom to say and think what we believe. It’s the understanding that we are all equal, and we all live in this great country together; The new Canadian, or the Canadian with generations-deep roots, the small business owner, and the truck driver.

These freedoms we all enjoy are thanks to our brave men and women.

This Remembrance Day, take some time to remember; wherever you are, whether you have family that served or not, for the freedoms you enjoy. Attend a Remembrance Day ceremony at your local Legion branch or municipal building, donate to a veteran’s charity, and the least you can do: Wear a poppy.

With their sacrifice, Canada remains Strong and Free.


Martin Shields

MP Bow River